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Soy Dietary Fiber

Ingredient: NON-GMO soybean Total Edible Fiber(Dry Basis): ≥60.0% Protein: ≤22.0% Moisture: ≤10.0% Ash: ≤6.5% Fat: ≤1.0%
Product description
Soy dietarv fiber consists of insoluble fiber, soluble fiber and protein. It can be used to improve product's water -binding ability and formability in many products like Meat Products, Bakery, Confectionary, Ice Cream, Drink, Frozen and Refrigerated Dough and Paste( Ketchup, Jam) etc.and also Health-care Products( weiqht reduction products, low carbohydrate/row fat products,high dietary fiber products). When it is used for meat products, we recommend using soy protein together for a cost effective purpose.
Soy dietary fiber is derived from the cell wall of NON-GMO soybean grown in the northeast of China, which has some physiological functions such as Obesity Prevention, Prevention and Treatment for Colorectal Carcinoma, Hyperlipidemia andHeart Disease and Diabetes Prevention, at the same time it can supply the protein for human beings. In the case, it becomes the necessary nutrient for human bodies.
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